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Hello Mr Johnson, I am Always surching for new perfect blues CD and Cold Outside is one, How can I buy it From You, I live in Germany. Thanks, Minno
Hey Bill Been listening to some of the videos on your site. Looking forward to the drive back with the van and accompaniment of your CD's. Cheers, Mike
Hi Bill. I'd like to purchase 2 copies of your new CD. Please let me know how to proceed. I've purchased your previous CDs direct as well, and you generously sent along a couple of posters. (although I am not looking for something for free in mentioning that, just saying thank you.) Also, I see you are playing the Blues Summit Sat Jan 21 in Toronto...I would love to see you play. Are you playing anywhere else while east where I could see you? (I am not likely to get seats for the 21st and am coming from Kingston Ontario) I really want to see you play though (did I say that already?) so am hoping. Thanks Bill, Brian
How do I get Bills latest two albums on CD.?thanks Tim r
How do I Bills latest two albums on CD,,,,,,.?? Thanks Tim,r......
Hello Bill: BC Musician Magazine has asked me to write a review of Cold Outside. With your permission I would like to quote the lyric starting "Don't call it jazz ...." But in the next line I can't make out a couple of the words "Ain't no outside notes like ????? used." It sounds like a name? Would you mind filling it in for me? Thank you Bob Doull
Hi Bill. Good to meet you in Kurt's guitar store a few days ago. Let me know if you need the services of a keyboard player from time to time. Rick
Please send cd's for AirPlay on 90.5FM (stream at werg.com) to Super Soul Daturdsy, c/o Sweet Tea, PO Box 1772, Erie, PA 16512. My show is 3 to 5 on Saturdays. Thank you and Blewzzman sent me.
Hi, Bill. Just wanted to say I'm enjoying your new CD, Cold Outside. Great songs, great playing and fun variety. Congratulations. I joined your email list, too. All the best. -- Rick
Hi, I saw you play yesterday at Centennial Square, you were excellent. If you're every looking to have a music video shot, drop me a line. Cheers, Kelly www.niceladyproductions.com
Caught your show on Gabriola last night. Nice guitar work - great endings, fabulous timing.Do you play the Queens in Nanaimo? gerry
Hi Bill. Great website you have. Looking forward to your new project.
Hi! My partner & I love your band! We often dance at Swans and are particularly happy when you are on the venue! My partner, Dave and I are getting married on Saturday, February 20,2016, and would be thrilled to have you play at our wedding reception. Would you please reply as soon as possible with regards to booking? Many thanks, Liz
Very impressive Bill I really enjoyed the videos and your tasteful playing. Great natural vocals and tone. Congrats on your acheivements,keep swingin. Kevin B. View Royal B.C. Talk soon.
Hey Bill, My name is Graham Colton. I'm a 15-year touring Singer/Songwriter and co-founder of a new booking platform, Fanswell.com. I'm reaching out because I know you're active in the house concert space and I'd love to have you on board. Our platform is built to help book, manage, and promote non-traditional shows. So far, we have 1,000 artists and several thousand more fans and hosts across the US and Canada. We're very excited about our community and platform features and would love the opportunity to tell you more. It's free to join and we don't make money unless you make money booking shows. Hope to hear from you soon!
Hi Bill...could you put a full band together for a show Aug. 1 at 6:30pm?...short notice yup! Would be interested in horns and a back up singer (like your recording)...have you worked with April Gislason before? It's a big outdoor party after a daytime event at Bear Mtn...full stage (25') and sound etc.
Marek Jonas 49-302 Brzeg 2 Skr. Pocztowa 105 Poland e-mail: mblues@poczta.onet.pl June 14, 2015 Dear Mr Bill Johnson, I have my own radio program in Opole Radio Station (Radio Opole), a regional radio in Silesia located in Opole, “Towards the Blues.” It is a typical specialist program for blues fans and can reach more 1.5 million people. I present different kinds of blues from all over the world; from the States, e.g. Delta Blues, Chicago Blues, West Coast Blues, Jump Blues,Traditional Blus. There is a big blues market in Poland, so new records and new performers will certainly find a lot of fans. I think that it will be beneficial for you and us if we could present your records in my program. Could you please send some of your CD’s so that we could promote your production in Poland. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely yours, Marek Jonas The program’s author
Hi Bill, Great new website ! Hope all is well. Connal mentioned you might have a mid sixties Princeton Reverb for sale. Thanks, Dan.
Hey Bill...I have the 'Still Blue' CD...bought it from Phil Rosner when you first released it!...wondering if you had a good experience recording it at that studio?...and if you would record there again?...I am doing a 12 song CD this year and looking for the best blues friendly recording studio on Vancouver Island...also looking for a producer to help with the CD...any comments or advice would be most appreciated...thank you...Mark
Hi Bill, and thank you for the amp ! It is wonderful to have. I am available to visit Mark next week if possible, if you heard from him, or I can contact him thru his web-site too. Good luck my friend, Oliver
Bill - Sorry I missed your set last night - Jeanne is Malahat phobic, so bringing her last night would have meant a motel room and boarding the dog (and more!). As it was Valentine's Day, I had to promise to come home ASAP. It was good to get to talk to you, and I was impressed by your ability to perform solo! Cheers, Ray Luxemburg
Please add our email to your mail list. We would like to keep track of when your in Calgary.

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